We provide a number of services to the Mining Industry, from Small Scale Exploration Companies to Large Scale Global Mining Companies, as well as local Shires:

Flora and Vegetation Surveys

  • Small Scale and Large Scale Baseline Surveys
  • Reconnaissance and Detailed Flora Surveys
  • Targeted Threatened Flora Surveys
  • Weed Audits
  • POW Exploration Flora Inspections
  • Clearing Permit Applications

Vegetation Monitoring

  • Native Vegetation Monitoring for License Conditions
  • Rehabilitation Monitoring
  • Landscape Function Analysis (LFA)
  • Point Intercept Vegetation Monitoring
  • Soil Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

Annual Environmental Reporting

  • Data Collation
  • GIS Mapping
  • Photographic Monitoring
  • On-Site Secondment


  • Mining Proposals
  • Closure Plans
  • Works Approvals

Groundwater Monitoring

  • Field Analysis (pH, EC, TDS, REDOX & Dissolved Oxygen)
  • Bore Purging & Water Sampling (Bennett Sample Pump)
  • Dipping (SWL)
  • Laboratory Analysis

Drone Surveys (Small Scale Projects)

  • DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral with RTK (1cm accuracy)
  • Aerial Photography
  • Remote Sensing for Vegetation Monitoring (Multispectral)
  • 3-Dimensional Modelling (Waste Dumps, Elevation Contouring)

Terrestrial Fauna Surveys (sub-contractor)

  • Basic and Detailed Fauna Surveys
  • Timing can coincide with Flora Survey Field work
  • Combined Flora and Fauna Surveys can reduce overall costs

NVS Capability Statement